Privacy Policy


‘Tis site makes use ‘o cookies in order to make it easier fer users to be routed through th’ instructions ‘o th’ guide. Specifically, cookies power th’ overall progress display on a page’s sidebar fer simpler user navigation throughout th’ site.

Embedded Content From Other Websites

‘Tis site may embed external content (which might include, yet not be limited to, videos, images, ‘n articles). When embedded content from another website be present, th’ web browser behaves by th’ same rules in accessin’ both th’ embedded content ‘n th’ other website itself.

On account ‘o ‘tis, external websites wit’ their content embedded in ‘tis site may collect data concernin’ ye. They may use cookies. They may embed additional third-party content wit’ trackin’. ‘N finally, they may monitor ye interaction wit’ their embedded content, which might include trackin’ ye interaction if ye be logged into an account on that website.


‘Tis site has Google Analytics added fer analysis ‘n monitorin’ ‘o site traffic. Additionally, ‘tis site be hosted on GitHub Pages. GitHub Pages may collect data concernin’ ye. It may use cookies. It may embed additional third-party content wit’ trackin’. ‘N finally, it may monitor ye interaction wit’ ‘tis site. Fer more information concernin’ GitHub Pages ‘n its relation to user privacy, ye oughtta read th’ GitHub Privacy Statement.

Information Collected

‘Tis site refrains from collectin’ personal information. ‘Tis site may, however, collect information on how it be used, in order that interest in content be analyzed ‘n advertisers be provided wit’ bulk, aggregated information. No personally identifiable information be shared wit’ third-party advertisers.

Google, actin’ as a third party advertisement vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on ‘tis site. Google makes use ‘o DART cookies in order to serve advertisements to site visitors based on their visits to ‘tis site as well as other sites. If ye desire to opt out of DART cookies, ye oughtta be sein’ th’ Google Advertisin’ Privacy Policy.

Third-party advertisin’ servers or networks besides Google may also use cookies, fer trackin’ user activity ‘n advertisement effectiveness on ‘tis site or fer other purposes they provide in their own privacy policies. ‘Tis site be unable to access or restrict any cookies that third-party advertisers may use.

Third-Party Websites

‘Tis site may contain hyperlinks pointin’ to external websites. These be provided fer users to use or to reference. ‘Tis site has no responsibility or control over external sites’ privacy policies. Users oughtta be aware that these other websites’ privacy policies may be different from ‘tis one.

Changes to th’ Privacy Policy

Th’ contents ‘o ‘tis privacy policy may be altered at whatever time, ‘n fer whatever reason, alterations be deemed necessary. If ye have questions regardin’ ‘tis privacy policy, ye oughtta contact